Healthcare Hackathon promoting collaboration between doctors and IT engineers will be held in Honmachi, Osaka

Healthcare Hackathon promoting collaboration between doctors and IT engineers will be held in Honmachi, Osaka

Mr. Daiju Ueda, one of the promoters

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On January 30, “Healthcare Hackathon” will be held at the seminar room of Chuokaikei, an accounting firm in Honmachi, Osaka. It will be organized by Kaeru, a business that runs a coworking space.

The aim of this event is to connect the field of healthcare with IT and to build relationships that co-create new services in the near future. Healthcare workers, IT engineers and designers will take part in and formulate new healthcare services that utilize IT during the 12-hour gathering.

Mr. Daiju Ueda, one of the promoters, who is also a doctor, has unique experiences starting a cafe bar business and making web apps. He is already planning new healthcare services jointly with his physician friends towards the realization of preventive medicine.

In this hackathon, participants will make plans about new services that will realize remote medicine, health promotion, improvement in the efficiency of medical practice and so on. Mr. Ueda’s ideas will be shown as examples, such as research papers curation service for doctors, checking service of medicines being taken that helps children to easily check what medications their parents are taking, and a medical checkup gifting service where users would be able to send others a gift of a health exam.

“Times will change from ‘curing’ and ‘restraining’ illness to ‘preventing’ illness in the future. Traditionally, the medical industry had a high barrier to entry due to various regulations, but the tides are changing with changes such as the deregulation for remote medicine. I’m sure that medical services will improve through the incorporation of IT” says Mr.Ueda.

“I`d like to meet engineers with similar aspirations through this event. You may feel that medicine is hard to approach, but if we take it forward on a project basis I believe we will make progress quickly. I’d also like healthcare workers themselves to discover the possibilities of IT,” he also states.

The hackathon will be held between 10:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m.. The admission fee is 1,500yen. Register from the website to join this event.